June 26, 2010

Birthday Catastrophe

   Every year of our adolescent lives we look forward to our birthday. Party, cake, presents; what more could one need, right?! Eventually, that annual celebration party stops happening. After last years birthday extravaganza my parents told me I was not having any more birthday parties. [Insert depressed Jen face here.] Growing up isn't working out like I thought it would...
   For people who do not drink, it seems that after the age of eighteen everything just begins to roll downhill. Nineteen is just too close to twenty. Twenty means you have been around for two decades. Twenty-one...well, I don't enjoy alcohol. And it just keeps going and going. Well, the end of my teenage years are drawing nearer every day, and tomorrow begins the countdown to adulthood*.
   I have somehow tricked my parents into allowing me to have a birthday party this year, and it makes growing up just a bit easier. Of course, I have waited until the last minute to make the preparations for said palooza. Subtracting the time I spent helping my mother at her home show today, I have been cleaning my bum off ALL day. Picking up, putting up, sweeping, sanitizing, dusting, scrubbing, organizing, weeding, vacuuming and making my tree house look presentable are among the many chores I have performed thus far. And I must clean still when I wake!
   I've come to believe that anything that can go wrong, will. Of all the Great American Cookie Co. employees to take my cake order, I get the flakiest one; I fear for my cake. While putting my lovely Dr. Pepper-chocolate cupcakes (given to me by my dear friend Irene) into containers, I snagged my finger on the cardboard box and received a painful paper cut. My dear friend Irene could not get off of work to attend my party. I noticed that my 30 hard minutes of thoroughly vacuuming my patio had caused some sort of mishap in my blood flow and I am now sporting an enlarged blood vessel under my eye. And Mother Nature has once again decided that I need to "feel like a woman" on my birthday. The worst part? It is not even my birthday yet! Not for another hour and fifteen minutes. What shall tomorrow bring?
   Thank goodness for Michael - who I am currently having a slumber party with - and Nikki and Briannah - whom shall be slumber partying with me tomorrow. Hopefully it shall turn out to be a joyous day. Though I wouldn't be surprised if only three people showed up.

*To me, you are not an adult until you are ready or until you turn twenty. EighTEEN. NineTEEN. Key word: teen. Still a child.


  1. cant wait to partay!!!

  2. I hope you had fun!

  3. :) i hope you have a good birthday :)

  4. Thank you anonymous strangers! I had a wonderful birthday!